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Abercrombie & Kent Cruises

3 Reviews
Abercrombie & Kent

About Abercrombie & Kent Cruises

Luxury tour line Abercrombie & Kent works charters expedition, barge and river cruises around the world. Tours and independent travel arrangements to more than 100 countries on seven continents.

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  • Who goes on Abercrombie & Kent cruise ships?

  • Do I have to dress up on a Abercrombie & Kent cruise?


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Abercrombie & Kent Cruises Tips, Activities, and Overview

Who goes on Abercrombie & Kent cruise ships?

Each Abercrombie & Kent cruise is different, and who you'll be sailing with depends a lot on where in the world you're sailing and what type of cruise you're on (river cruise, sailing ship, expedition, etc.). Generally speaking, passengers are affluent and hail from English-speaking countries with a smattering of Europeans onboard from time to time. Ages vary greatly. The company's river cruise charters, for instance, tend to draw an older crowd, while its expedition charters attract somewhat younger travelers, along with families. The minimum age on most expedition sailings is 10; it's 12 on most river cruises.

Do I have to dress up on a Abercrombie & Kent cruise?

The dress code on an Abercrombie & Kent cruise depends on which cruise ship you're sailing. Some of the chartered ships maintain stricter dress codes at night, so you'll want to check when creating your packing list. On almost all sailings, at the very minimum, you'll want to bring a nice outfit or two for the welcome and farewell dinners.

Is everything free on Abercrombie & Kent cruises?

No, but quite a lot is. The fares include accommodations (which might include a pre- or post-night hotel); all meals onboard the ship (and selected meals on land); guided sightseeing (plus all entry fees); airport transfers to/from the hotel/ship; Wi-Fi where available; laundry (up to eight items); coffee, tea, soft drinks and water; and local wine and beer at the welcome and farewell dinners on expedition cruises, and at all lunches and dinners on European river cruises. Cruisers on the expedition sailings also get an expedition parka and backpack to keep, plus use of waterproof pants and trekking poles during the sailing.

What are Abercrombie & Kent’s most popular activities?

Travelers choose Abercrombie & Kent in order to explore the world in comfort, and it's the shore excursions and guided sightseeing with local guides, lecturers and naturalists that drive the experience. Behind-the-scenes visits to museums, archaeological sites, historic properties and native settlements are among A&K hallmarks.

On the ship, destination-oriented lectures are some of the most popular activities; beyond that, what's popular depends on the ship and the amenities it offers. If there's a spa, many cruisers will opt for a relaxing massage during their downtime.

Why go with Abercrombie & Kent?

  • High-end cruises on chartered small cruise ships and river boats.
  • Itineraries to all seven continents.
  • Land tours feature local guides and behind-the-scenes visits.
  • Most trips include shore excursions, drinks, wines and gratuities.

Best for: Affluent, mature travelers who want to explore every corner of the globe in upscale comfort

Not for: Budget minded cruisers or families looking for lots of onboard activity and independent travel ashore

Abercrombie & Kent Cruises Cruiser Reviews

Could have been great

(with the exception of the inedible tenderloin) - ship staff works hard to ensure a great experience - Shaima the massage therapist is wonderful The bad: - gym/spa is laughable - rooms are large but the bathrooms are microscopic - shower was so small I had to keep the door open to shower.I alerted the staff and manager (Ahmed) to the toxic petroleum smell in my cabin and all they could do was spray it with room freshener, they suggested i sleep with my cabin door open (unsafe!Read More

couple2-5 Cruises

Age 50s

Cruising The Nile With Abercrombie & Kent and the Sunboat IV

407 on the starboard side was facing the Nile when we were in port so we would have booked that side had we understood which way the ship faced in port.The food on the boat was very good but not great as I was hoping.Read More

couple2-5 Cruises

Age 50s

Sailing on the Nile

Excellent accommodations, service and dining, nicely decorated.The window in the room gave an excellent view as we sailed.Read More

few6-10 Cruises

Age 70s

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