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A-ROSA Cruises

43 Reviews

About A-ROSA Cruises

German company A-ROSA Cruises operates five riverboats for the English-speaking market on the Rhine, Rhone/Saone and Danube. Features and amenities are among the most elaborate on Europe's rivers and aimed at more active travelers.

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  • Who goes on A-ROSA Cruises cruise ships?

  • Do I have to dress up on a A-ROSA Cruises cruise?


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A-ROSA Cruises Tips, Activities, and Overview

Who goes on A-ROSA Cruises cruise ships?

On the line's "international" vessels, expect to meet fellow English speakers from a range of countries. The line's emphasis on active shore excursions and the presence of a full gym and spa reflect the German passion for health and fitness and as a result the average age of passengers falls on the youngish side, with couples in their 40s and 50s commonplace. A-ROSA also welcomes children and families (children under 15 sail free), so there are often multigenerational groups onboard, particularly during school holidays.

Do I have to dress up on a A-ROSA Cruises cruise?

Ships have a relaxed atmosphere and there is no set dress code. Comfortable, casual clothing is suitable onboard and during excursions. Bring warmer clothing for evenings on deck, plus comfortable walking shoes as many towns have uneven, cobbled streets and steps. Some passengers like to dress up for the specialty dinners in the restaurant, but full-on cocktail attire and evening dress can be left at home.

Is everything free on A-ROSA Cruises cruises?

The "international" cruises offer the highest level of inclusions, with air and transfers, wine with meals, anytime cocktails, Wi-Fi and a selected number of shore excursions all included. Also included on most sailings is one specialty, waiter-served dinner; these dinners are restricted to 40 people and must be reserved ahead of time. Three or four are offered per cruise and passengers may pay to attend more than one. Other additional charges can include additional shore excursions, fine wines and Champagne, spa and salon treatments, shop purchases and laundry service. Mainstream (i.e., German-speaking) sailings have fewer inclusions and so are ideal for those on a tight budget.

What are A-ROSA Cruises’s most popular activities?

A-ROSA's main attraction isn't confined to shore tours, though excursions are still the most popular activity for cruisers. With the river industry's largest spas, as well as top-deck pools on the newest vessels, many passengers choose to stay onboard and enjoy these facilities. During school holidays there are also children's clubs. At night, cruisers enjoy lively entertainment, with entertainers who sing, play musical instruments, host quizzes and games, and spin popular tunes guaranteed to get people on the dance floor.

Why go with A-ROSA Cruises?

  • Perfect for active travelers and families
  • Excellent spa, gym and fitness facilities
  • Flexible buffet dining

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A-ROSA Cruises Cruiser Reviews

Not ideal for US guests and not a fair exchange for the Arosa Mia

I have river cruised with AMA which was very good in all areas - food, cabins, evening activity, beverage offering.having bad beds, exposure to diesel fumes, budget food, and a low grade „ premium“ beverage package….Read More

many10+ Cruises

Age 66s


We had no privacy when out on the balcony , at all times as other guests were out there as early as 6 am, and until 2 in the am, everyone could see us as well and look into our room so the curtains had to be closed the majority of the vacation.Our balcony room was located on the 9th floor, overlooking an area where other cruisers could use an infiniti pool, sunbathe, walk the ship.Read More

many10+ Cruises

Age 62s

Cruising the "Northern Loop" of the Galapagos Islands was awesome!

Not only do you have the option of going on two separate long walk excursions at different locations each day, but you also can sign up to go snorkeling and/or kayaking almost every day as well.If possible, I would also suggest booking a cabin with a separate balcony rather than an Infinite Balcony, especially if you enjoy relaxing in your cabin between activities.Read More
Ken the cruiser

many10+ Cruises

Age 72s

Not worth your money, specially if your non German speaking and young

6) The cruise is built for 65+ German speaking people, and I emphasize non German are not as welcome, but your money is welcome, the ship is dead no activities almost at all, the sun deck is closed most of the time, the bar close at 11:00 PM, for example, when we docked at vienna there was a lot of other cruising ships around us from different companies , almost all of them at 11:30 were partying while our ship was dark, and sleeping even the reception was empty.2) The high rank staff was rude to us, the non German speaking tourists specifically, the hotel manager specifically was rude and condescending , for example, the window in my room can not be opened, when I pointed out that the ventilation is not working properly, and I suffer from very light asthma " which I didn't suffer from any asthma attack in the last 3 years until the first night in the room", when I pointed out to hotel manager he said to me" we are overbooked can't help you, the ventilation is working fine we checked it ", when I kept complaining about the issue he simply replied "if you don't like it pack your luggage and leave the ship" absolutely in that rude manner, so I slept while keeping the door of the room slightly opened for ventilation.Read More

couple2-5 Cruises

Age 30s

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